Sweet - Brenta 38

Luca Brenta vet hur man ritar en snygg båt, och 38:an är inget undantag. Borde såklart ha varit med i Sweet-serien långt tidigare. Lillasystern, Brenta 30, är nästan lika snygg.

Nedan är det som man kallar ?Users Manual?. Ganska kort och enkel 🙂

While the course is kept by the autopilot, which is next to the steering wheel, the main can be hoisted using the electrical winches beside the entrance. One winch to hoist the main halyard, the other winch to control the main furling line (option). Note that both winches are pretty close and easily managed by one person. The mainsheet is trimmed from the steering position via a magic trim piston (Cariboni) placed below deck level, forward of the mast step.

Once the main is set, the genoa can be unfurled. The genoa sheet has two ends. One end goes to the winch on one side and while the other end goes to the stopper placed under the coach roof coaming. All the tacking manoeuvring is completely automatic due to fact that the jib is set on a self tacking track.

The mast is in carbon fibre by Hall Spars. The large sweep back spreaders angle (30deg.) has allowed to remove the backstay. Beside the clear advantage of reducing the number of ?things to do? this has allowed to build a very generous roach into the mainsail. The optional carbon boom is from Leisure Furl NZ.

Functions controlled at the steering position placed onto the steering pedestal are:

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