Sweet - Melges 20

Hype-metern står på 11 när Melges lanserar nya Melges 20. Skicka in $2,500 och reservera din plats på produktionslinan. Vill du ha ett segelnummer under hundra betalar du in $300 extra för att få den siffra du vill. Marknadsavdelningen verkar har fått fria händer?

$40k säger ryktet. Man fick väl lite bråttom när Laser skall lansera SB3 i USA. Det blir väl giganternas kamp. Framförallt när det gäller marknadsföring och förmåga att bygga starka entypsfält.

The philosophy behind the Melges 20 is to create a sexy boat with beautiful lines, while at the same time providing a sophisticated sailing experience. Combine the best naval architects and most experienced performance sailboat builder certainly the results will be extraordinary. The Melges 20 is modern, ahead of the curve with the latest technology and prudent in its use of exotic materials. It will be the benchmark for years to come. The Melges 20 will fulfill the need to experience more exciting, fun, simplified sailing in the 20-foot sportboat range.

With strong appeal to a full range of talents and skill levels young and old, guru to the novice sailor, the Melges 20 will be easy to rig, launch and a pure joy to sail. Comfortably accommodating 2-4 crew, this boat is also designed to encourage youth, female and corinthian participation. It will possess a simplicity that will exceed expectations, far beyond what any sailor could imagine possible yet maintain a very high standard of performance.

No crew weight restrictions. No sailmaker restrictions. The boat and rig will be a strict one design.

The same great standard features found on other Melges products like the Melges 17, Melges 24? and Melges 32 will be included on the Melges 20 such as a smooth comfortable deck with a clean simple layout complemented by a truly cutting-edge design and new, easy, advanced rig set-up.

The Melges 20 will be unlike any other. It will spark a lifelong passion for sailing, that is Melges commitment to the sport of sailing.

It will be worth the wait?

  • A modern Melges look
  • Smooth comfortable design throughout with large radius edges
  • Large comfortable cockpit with simple to sail deck layout
  • No Winches!
  • Enclosed interior with access while sailing
  • High freeboard for a dry ride
  • Flat stable aft planing hull sections
  • Fine bow entry for upwind performance
  • Carbon fiber M rig setup for the ultimate performance, simple to tune.
  • Above boom vang system
  • Carbon fiber bowsprit
  • Retractable high aspect keel with weed cutter
  • Retractable high aspect rudder system
  • Square top mainsail design for ultimate performance and modern appearance
  • Roller furling zipper luff jib with battens
  • Permanent forestay
  • Mast head asymmetrical spinnaker with retrieval line
  • Custom trailing package that is easy to tow behind any vehicle
  • Easy to rig, launch and retrieve from a boat ramp
  • Easy to launch from a hoist with a single point lift
  • Main sheet bridle system
  • No backstay
  • Legs in with restricted hiking (oj!)
  • Large foot rests on cockpit floor
  • Motor well in deck for motor stowage and easy access
  • Open class sailing, all sailors welcome
  • Emphasis on youth and female participation
  • No crew weight rule (oj!)
  • Open to all sailmakers
  • Two boat in a container on trailers
  • Four boats in a container stacked
  • Race ready from the factory
  • A just add water approach ? the Melges Way!
  • Gottifredi Maffioli line package with every Melges 20!
  • No fairing a strict one design!