Alex Thompson räddad – överger Hugo Boss i Atlanten

Boss sjunkerDet har varit en tuff start på Transat Jacques Vabre. Senaste offret är Alex Thompson och hans helt nya foilande Hugo Boss som sägs vara värd omkring 80 miljoner. Se video från räddningen.


”Alex Thomson and Guillermo Altadill, skippers of yacht HUGO BOSS in the Transat Jacques Vabre set off their emergency beacon this afternoon at 13.25UT.  The Spanish Coastguard was informed and sent a rescue helicopter to their location 82 nautical miles from the Spanish coast.  Both Alex and Guillermo were rescued from the location by helicopter and are on their way back to land. 
HUGO BOSS incurred some structural damage earlier this week forcing Alex and Guillermo to stop racing. The Skippers had made a repair and were on route to A Coruna where the technical team were waiting to meet them.  After sailing for a period of 36 hours in high seas and strong winds, the structure of the boat deteriorated further and the boat started to take on water and sink. The technical team are in A Coruna, Spain awaiting further information from the coast guard.


El Helimer 401 rescata a los dos tripulantes de un velero

El Helimer 401 rescató esta tarde a los dos tripulantes del velero Rockcliffe Bill II 98 millas al noroeste de A Coruña

Posted by Salvamento Marítimo on den 31 oktober 2015

Managing Director Stewart Hosford expresses:

– Our first concern is with Alex and Guillermo and when they are safely on the ground we will address the situation with our IMOCA 60 and begin the salvage process. We are grateful for the swift response from the rescue services in this situation.”

Så gick det sen för Alex Thomson och Hugo Boss-båten.

Trimaran på 80 fot kapsejsar och fyra kastar in handduken i Transat Jacques Vabre.

Foilande kölbåtar i Transat Jacques Vabre.

Så funkar en foilande kölbåt. seglar med Hugo Boss på Atlanten.

Se mer:
Videon ”The Mastwalk” där Alex Thomson hoppar från masttoppen av Hugo Boss. 

”The Mastwalk” bakom kulisserna

Världsnyhet – Hugo Boss sjunkna båt hittad uppspolad på land i Patagonien.